Testimonials In this section we will feature testimonials from our customers and professionals in the dog industry. Please send us an e-mail at testimonials@chillybuddy.com with your comments or stories about your dog and Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket. We would love to hear from you!

"I have two yorkies, both of which hate the heat. I can't even get them to walk during the day once the temperature gets above 70 degrees. Now, with their new Chillybuddy Cooling Jackets they are happy to go on walks and play in the middle of even the hottest days! What an absolutely wonderful product, the best that I've seen hit the market in a long time. And equally as amazing is the customer service. I haven't seen customer service like what is offered through this company, not just in years, but in decades. Amazing product and amazing customer service – an unbeatable combination!"

Tonda K., Ashburn, VA

"At the Nuts for Mutts event yesterday I bought a Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket for my dog Lance. Being a mostly black lab mix he has always sought out shade on hot days and continually crawled under vendor tables yesterday:) As soon as I put the chillybuddy on him and wet it with water his coat stayed cool even in the sun and he seemed much more comfortable. Thanks for developing this product to help protect our furry family members!!!! Best wishes for continued success."

Kellie, CA

"Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket working incredibly well with Bailey. On the boat--yesterday w/out it he was miserable. Not even panting today!!!"

Dave W., Annapolis, MD

"Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket is definitely a miracle--it worked so well on Kiki! The Chillybuddy had immediate impact on the temperature of my dog's coat. I could not believe how long she will stay outside in the sun and enjoy it."

Charlie G., Annapolis, MD

"My little girl, who usually HATES more than a few seconds in the heat of mid-day, was actually running happily in an open field with her Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket on!"

Jill S., Rockville, MD

"Really cool product (pun entirely intended!). The dog loves it and is now really enjoying her afternoon walks instead of laying down in protest halfway through. Thanks for a remarkable product. I've already recommended it to all the neighbors. Bella is a great spokesdog for the product, especially with that stunning silver color on her black coat."

Nancy B., West Boynton Beach, FL