The ChillBuddy Mission

Our Company

Our company is based on the belief that we are not happy until you are happy. We offer a unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee -- if you get a jacket that does not fit your dog well, we will work with you to get the right size, to the point of making a custom jacket if needed. We work very hard and at great expense to develop innovative and well designed products. Our products are always tested by dog owners and experts, then marketed in small quantities for a season before introducing them to the market. We continually improve our products as we learn more. Intellectual Property protection is a critical component of our business, because knowing that our effort is protected by U.S. and international laws provides the confidence to invest in developing the next innovation. To support this strategy we aggressively pursue US and International Patents, Trademarks and copyrights.

Chillybuddy methodically protects these intellectual property rights through legal and strategic avenues to stop the sale of infringing products. Anyone who infringes on our products put themselves at risk for substantial monetary damages which can include up to three times our damages plus legal costs. We pride ourselves on the reach of our enforcement capabilities from the factory floor through multiple channels of distribution to the retail shelf. The company currently holds patents and trademarks in process or issued in the US and abroad. If someone chooses to infringe on our products they will hear from us.

Please remember patent infringement is stealing.