In this section we will feature testimonials from our customers and professionals in the dog industry. Please send us an e-mail at testimonials@chillybuddy.com with your comments or stories about your dog and Chillybuddy Winter Jacket. We would love to hear from you!

"Noggin and I have enjoyed the warmth of Florida and Las Vegas for many years, but now we've moved to Northeast Ohio where the winters are very cold. Because of the severe change in climate, I knew I wanted to get a coat for Noggin as he and I enjoy long evening walks.

I shopped for dog coats for quite some time. I could not find a good fit, or, could not find a coat that accommodated the use of a harness, which has a lower leash attach point than that of a standard collar. Finally, I was glad to find your Chillybuddy website! Your winter dog coat looked like a perfect fit! You were very helpful on the phone and assured me that your coat would fit and wear just fine with a harness. I ordered a coat from you and found everything you said to be true!

Your Chillybuddy Winter Coat couldn't be more attractive! From the side, you've designed a fit that hugs Noggin's body with nice curves that accentuate his body's shape – very handsome. More importantly, your coat wears well with a harness. The heavy Velcro closure allows any type of collar or harness to be used, and seals very well. I love Noggin's coat!

One evening, I bent down to adjust Noggin's coat, and stuck my fingers inside and was happy to feel the warmth inside! On a bone chilling 12 degree night, Noggin was very toasty inside, he was warmer than Grandma!! Very nice Chillybuddy!

Even though I ordered the wrong size at first, I was very delighted to see how fast you exchanged my order for a correct fitted coat – Thank you!

You offer a very nice design in a dog coat which is easy to put on and take off, Noggin practically steps into it himself! I have already
recommended your coats to others here in the neighborhood.

We all like to comfort our children and our pets too. Thank you Chillybuddy for giving me peace of mind while walking Noggin in
very frigid temperatures here. Noggin also says "thanks for the warmth", he loves his coat too!"
Todd & Noggin, Poland, OH