Facts about Chillybuddy Winter Jacket:

>> The innovative design allows for accessibility and ease when putting it on and taking it off of your dog. There is no struggling to fit the dog's neck or paws through a small hole with our Chillybuddy Winter jacket. The unique design provides you with a simple and fast way to get even the most clothing-reluctant dog to gear up.

>> Offered in a range of different sizes, from super petite to XX-large (see our
sizing chart) -- and colors in black, yellow, raspberry pink, blue and international orange – the Chillybuddy Winter Solution jacket will equip dogs of all sizes and styles.

>> Engineered with high quality materials (1.9 oz Polyurethane Coated Ripstop Nylon and Polyester Fill), the Chillybuddy Winter Solution jacket will ensure that your dog stays warm on cold winter days. The Polyurethane Coated Nylon has tear resistant squares with a tear strength of 8-10 lbs.

>> Most conventional dog winter jackets normally use woven fabrics, which tangle against the dog's hair and create an uncomfortable sensation for your pet. The Chillybuddy Winter jackets' silky-smooth nylon lining that will not tangle against your dog's hair and therefore keep your dog comfortable at all times -- even when rolling around in the snow!

>> The nylon fabric of the Chillybuddy Winter jacket has a urethane coating that not only makes the fabric stronger, but also waterproof. This extra protection against rain and snow ensures that your dog will be fully prepared for any kind of cold weather that Mother Nature throws its way.