Classic Summer

Dog Cooling Jacket or "Vest"

Engineered dog gear that will keep them safe and comfortable in hot weather

  • Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket can significantly lower coat temperature and provides a shield from direct sunlight.

  • On a 90° F day, wearing a Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket can lower the coat temperature from 145° F to 103° F, a reduction of almost 30%.

  • Soaking the Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket in water to dampen the cotton lining before use can lower a dog’s coat temperature by a further 20 degrees--from 103° F to 83° F. Cotton has been repeatedly shown to be the best fiber to hold water for evaporative cooling. Synthetic wicking fabrics are useless in this application because dogs do not sweat.

  • For light-haired dogs, a Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket also protects the underlying skin from sunburn.

  • Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket can protect coats of show dogs from bleaching by the sun -- which often occurs as summertime reddening or browning, especially at the tips of the coat.

Woven synthetic aluminized outer layer

The jacket's outer layer is made of woven synthetic with an aluminized finish. The twisted strands of the fabric function like thousands of tiny mirrors, reflecting all wavelengths of light away from the surface.

Light-weight cotton mesh

The jacket is lined with a cotton mesh; a unique material that can be soaked with cool (not cold) water to provide substantial evaporative cooling. Unlike other wet jackets, the evaporation occurs in the shade of the outer layer, creating an unusually cool environment on the hottest days. Both layers also allow air to pass through freely.