The Coolest Style Under the SoCal Sun Now at My Pet Naturally

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Chillybuddy–The Coolest Style Under the Southern California Sun Now at My Pet Naturally

(Rockville, MD) April 1, 2008–When too much sun threatens to spoil outdoor fun, California canines can keep their stylish–and healthy–cool with Chillybuddy, the award-winning lightweight cooling jacket from PT Bofabs. Available exclusively this summer at My Pet Naturally in West Los Angeles, Chillybuddy is engineered with dual mechanisms tested and proven to lower a dog’s coat temperature quickly by about 30 percent. The jacket shields even the most active dogs on the hottest, brightest days, functioning like a portable shade device with long-lasting coolness.

My Pet Naturally manager Pat Troise says, “Everyone in southern California takes their dogs along–to the beach, on hikes. And nearly all of us has experienced a ‘hot dog’ during these outings. Chillybuddy is a product that answers a clear need for pet owners. And it’s the only one out there that is actually designed with a true, functional goal.” In fact, after trying gel-capsule cooling blankets, vests and other products, Chillybuddy is the only cooling aid Troise is keeping in stock. A long-time dog trainer and competitor, she says, “It’s not just an idea, it’s a solution to a real problem.”

Chillybuddy designer Bob Stalick created the prototype jacket to ease the discomfort of his Australian shepherd, Buddy. On long Wyoming mountain hikes he noticed, “Buddy would run from one shady spot to the next and wait for me to catch up. Being in direct sun clearly bothered him.” Stalick tried a number of fabrics and designs before finding that a reflective greenhouse shade cloth lined with unbleached
cotton did the trick. With two loose-weave layers air flows constantly, providing a cooling effect. Dampening the jacket lowers the temperature of the dog’s environment even more.

With Chillybuddy beating the heat, southern Californians and their best buddies can enjoy their outdoor lifestyle. Staying cool is staying healthy. Pick up a Chillybuddy, along with a complementary copy of Buddy’s Hot Weather Tips for Cool Dogs, at My Pet Naturally, 12001 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90064 (; 310-477-3030).

The Chillybuddy jacket, an engineered solution to keep the hottest dogs cool, comes in two styles and nine sizes; custom jackets available. Details at

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