Search & Rescue Dogs Serve w/ Cooling Jackets

Search and Rescue Dogs Serve the Nation, with a Helping Paw from Chillybuddy Cooling Jackets

Search and Rescue Dogs take advantage of cheaper-than-wholesale prices to cool off in summer heat using Chillybuddy jackets.

Rockville, MD, October 18, 2008 –(– It’s been a long, hot summer, especially for search and rescue dogs doing work in the field. Keeping these courageous pooches healthy in the heat has always been a challenge, but this season, SAR dogs had a secret weapon, the Chillybuddy Cooling Jackets, that helped them stay active and safe all summer long.

The Chillybuddy jackets, a light-weight mesh cooling jacket designed to keep a dog comfortable in hot weather and reduce the effect of exposure to the sun, were made available for the first time this summer at a special discount rate for SAR animals, far below wholesale prices, and the response has been tremendous.

“We’ve seen a great improvement in our dogs’ energy levels using the Chillybuddy jackets. They can work longer at the higher summer temperatures,” according to a SAR handler. One heroic dog, Willow, is a 14-year old Golden Lab who worked at the World Trade Center rescue in 2001. At her age, Willow doesn’t work missions anymore, but she still helps out new dogs entering their training and the jacket has helped her stay active for longer periods of time.

Chillybuddy Cooling Jackets are now the hands of more than 25 Search And Rescue Teams across the country and on the backs of more than 250 SAR dogs in the field. Chillybuddy plans to continue offering the same deeply discounted pricing on all its products for years to come.

“Search & Rescue Teams perform such a valuable function, saving lives in our country, and we’re very proud to do our part to help in their good work,” said Bob Stalick, President and General Manager of PT Bofabs. “It’s exciting to hear that search handlers have consistently responded with such praise, and we look forward to continuing our support of their efforts. After all, the animal product industry isn’t just about fun and frivolity, and here is an example of where we can really make a difference.”

Made in the USA, Chillybuddy products come in two styles and thirteen sizes, with custom sizing available. The Chillybuddy is a multi-layer patent-pending solution that can lower a dog’s coat temperature by 30%. Its outer layer is made of woven synthetic with an aluminized finish, and the twisted strands of the fabric function like thousands of tiny mirrors, reflecting wavelengths of light away from the surface. Inside, the jacket is lined with a cotton mesh, which can be wetted to provide substantial evaporative cooling. Unlike other wet jackets, the evaporation occurs in the shade of the outer layer, creating an unusually cool environment on the hottest days.

Chillybuddy Dog Engineered Gear offers two other products to help dogs stay healthy in the elements. The Chillybuddy Winter Jacket is a light-weight, waterproof jacket, engineered from tear-proof materials and perfect for keeping dogs warm in the harshest of environments. Rugged, durable and near impervious, the Chillybuddy Raincoat is a multi-layer jacket that quickly siphons off the water from even the most rigorous rainstorm. Chillybuddy jackets are available for purchase at select online sites and retailers. More details are available at


SAR dog cooling jacket

If you have a SAR in need of our cooling jacket, please reach out to our team through our email or online form.