Dog Gear That Will Keep Them Safe & Comfortable In Hot Weather

Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket (Patent Pending) is a light-weight mesh cooling jacket designed specifically to help keep a dog comfortable in hot weather and reduce the effect of exposure to the sun. The jacket's outer layer is made of woven synthetic with an aluminized finish. The twisted strands of the fabric function like thousands of tiny mirrors, reflecting all wavelengths of light away from the surface. The jacket is lined with a cotton mesh. Both layers allow air to pass freely through. The cotton mesh liner can be wetted to provide substantial evaporative cooling. Unlike other wet jackets, the evaporation occurs in the shade of the outer layer, creating an unusually cool environment on the hottest days.

Classic Summer

Cooling Jacket

The perfect everyday summer jacket to keep the hot rays off of your best friend. Ideal for walks and fun in the backyard. This jacket will help to keep your fur-companion comfortable when the temperature outside starts to rise.