Long-Lasting Cool Solution For a Healthier Dog

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Chillybuddy — A Long-Lasting Cool Solution For a Healthier Dog

(Rockville, MD) March 15, 2007– PT Bofabs announces an engineered solution to summer’s prickliest problem for dogs — maintaining their healthy cool. Chillybuddy, the new dog cooling jacket, has dual mechanisms proven to lower a dog’s coat temperature by 30% and sustain a comfortable environment. By significantly reducing the impact of solar influx, Chillybuddy lessens the possibility of overheating, which can lead quickly to heat stroke. It works to keep even the most active dogs cool on the hottest days.

Bob Stalick, President and General Manager of PT Bofabs, a privately held company, developed the Chillybuddy prototype for his own sun-shy Australian shepherd, Buddy. He designed a breathable lightweight jacket that has an outer fabric of loose-weave plastic with an aluminized finish which reflects all wave lengths of incoming light and heat. A cotton lining blocks infrared heat from being reflected by
the outer fabric back to the dog’s body. Dampening the lining allows the dog’s body to be further cooled as the water slowly evaporates.

“We saw a need in the dog-care industry, and we believe that this product will fulfill that need,” says Stalick. He and Buddy also field-tested the jacket in the mountains of Wyoming and hunting fields of Nebraska for run-, snag- and tear-resistance. “We spent a lot of time getting the jacket design just right. And we truly believe that Chillybuddy will make all dogs a lot more comfortable when they are outside.” It has been further tested by FEMA-certified Urban Search and Rescue Task Force members, who noted the quick cooling action of the jacket and ease of getting the jacket on and off a dog.

Unlike cooling beds and other pet products designed to relieve overheating that has already occurred, Chillybuddy has been engineered specifically to help prevent overheating and other ill-effects of hot weather conditions. Wearing a Chillybuddy, dogs can enjoy extended time having fun in the sun with their best friends. Of course, in hot climates, especially when dogs are playing or working hard, dog owners need to provide plenty of water to keep pets properly hydrated. Some experts suggest applying sunblock to sensitive nose and ears. Now, with Chillybuddy, dogs have an extra layer of reliable protection. The Chillybuddy jacket, an engineered solution to keep the hottest dogs cool, comes in two styles and nine sizes; custom sizing available. Purchase at select online sites and retailers. Details at www.chillybuddy.com. The jacket design is protected by a patent pending with the U.S. Patent and Trades Office.

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The Coolest Dogs Wear Chillybuddy
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