1) Does the Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket really work?

Yes, six month of pre-release testing and a year of controlled market exposure have yielded zero performance complaints and a number of kudos. Our measurements show a drop in the dog’s coat temperature by an average of 40%. beyond that, our observations and those of completely independent observers testify to the behavioral and performance changes in the dogs. The fact that the Mid-Atlantic FEAM USAR teams elected to standardize on our jacket after testing is a strong confirmation, and our consistently satisfied customers and positive testimonials further attest to the Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket’s effectiveness.

2) How does the Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket work?

The outer layer reflects 70% of the incoming infrared radiation. The inner layer does two things: first, it prevents that dog’s body heat from reflecting back to the dog. Second, when wet it provides additional evaporative cooling for the dog. The outer layer reflective layer similarly protects the evaporative layer from absorbing heat from the sun and environment. The combination of physical effects is the basis for the patent claim and what sets the Chillybuddy clearly apart from every other dog cooling product. The jacket works better than other solutions because the evaporative cooling mechanism emphasizes open airflow rather than large amounts of water. Consider that if you are just a little damp and step into airflow from a strong fan, you are quickly cooled. But you can be dripping wet, and if the air is not moving, you won’t be cooled effectively. Air is 70% of the evaporative cooling effect; other jackets, in addition to missing the reflective protection, miss this key point.

3) What size of Chillybuddy Jacket should I get for my dog?

Our sizes range from super petite to xx-large. You can find the size chart and instructions on how to measure your dog on our website. We always recommend that when in doubt contact us with your dog’s measurements (neck, girth and back length) for our advice.

4) Where can I get Chillybuddy Products?

There are several retail and online stores that sell our products. For the list of stores, please click here.

5) Is Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket a warming jacket as well?

No, the Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket will not warm your dog in a winter day.

6) Does the Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket work inside?

Technically, yes. Even though the dog is not out in the sun, there is still some infrared radiation inside that will get reflected by the outer layer of the Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket. Similarly, on a warm nighttime walk, the jacket can be very effective in cooling the dog. Infrared radiation is still bouncing around even though your eyes see darkness...the heat you feel is that infrared. On a 90 degrees pitch black night, the jacket will have the same effect as during the day. It’s also the best reflective safety jacket you can find, since it reflects more light than retroreflective materials.

7) Can I wash the jacket?

Yes, all Chillybuddy products can be either hand or machine washed. You can put them in the dryer, but only on tumble dry. Line drying is recommended.

8) It’s silver. Doesn’t attract the sun?

No. Physically speaking, there is nothing that attracts the sun, It seems to “attract” the sun because it’s so much brighter than the surrounding materials. But that is because it is actually reflecting the light back to you rather than absorbing it. Non-reflective materials absorb different parts of the spectrum of light, which is why they have certain colors (the spectra they don’t absorb are the colors we see them as). A flat black object absorbs all bandwidths of radiation, which is why black seats in a convertible in Arizona are not very popular! It’s also way the flat black coat on a Doberman is hotter than the shiny black paint on a car. The difference in surface reflectivity makes the difference, but both are very, very hot.

9) Does the Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket need to be in the freezer before using it?

No. We recommend that you only get the jacket dampened when it is hotter than 80 degrees. Freezing will have a sort of instantaneous effect, but the low mass of the jacket will quickly go to the ambient temperature of the surroundings. The cooling is accomplished by evaporation as described previously.

10) Should I get the Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket Casual or Sport style for my dog?

Unless you have a hunting dog, or a dog that runs in the woods constantly, we normally recommend the casual style. Other than hunting dogs, the sport style is used by Wilderness Search & Rescue dogs, or by dogs that are really running in the woods and fields.

11) Why is the Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket different than the other cooling jackets?

The Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket is the only cooling jacket that combines multiple physical processes to first protect and then provide active cooling. The evaporative layer is protected from environmental heat, so it can absorb heat primarily from the dog, not from the sun pounding on it. Most important, while doing all of the foregoing, the Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket does it with unmatched airflow. It’s also very important to note that use of just the reflective layer, as one jacket does, may actually be somewhat dangerous. Without the lining layer that is part of the Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket patent, the inside of the reflective layer actually insulates the dog by reflecting back the dog’s own radiated heat. Only with an internal layer to mask off the inside of the reflective material can the jacket be truly protective.