Facts about Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket:

>> Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket can significantly lower coat temperature and provides a shield from direct sunlight.

>> On a 90° F day, wearing a Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket can lower the coat temperature from 145° F to 103° F, a reduction of almost 30%.

>> Soaking the Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket in water to dampen the cotton lining before use can lower a dog’s coat temperature by a further 20 degrees--from 103° F to 83° F. Cotton has been repeatedly shown to be the best fiber to hold water for evaporative cooling. Synthetic wicking fabrics are useless in this application because dogs do not sweat.

>> For light-haired dogs, a Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket also protects the underlying skin from sunburn.

>> Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket can protect coats of show dogs from bleaching by the sun -- which often occurs as summertime reddening or browning, especially at the tips of the coat.

>> The Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket was field-tested in mountain terrain and open-field hunting.