Engineered Dog Cooling Jackets

More than just a fashionable jacket or vest, our mission is to create innovative gear that supports your dog's well-being in hotter weather and conditions.

Blending functionality and health, ensuring your furry friend thrives in style.

Get the best OUTDOOR ACTIVITY Jacket for Your Furry Friend!

Beat the heat!

We designed our summer jackets as a simple solution to overheating body temperatures. When our pets get cold during harsh winters we can give them heating pads, jackets, and layers of blankets. Summer solutions should also be this simple.

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Safely enjoy outdoor play

Whether playing outside for a little while or going on an adventurous hike, Chillybuddy jackets will help keep your buddy's body temperatures in safer ranges.

Keep your dog cool

On a 90° F day, wearing a Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket can lower the coat temperature from 145° F to 103° F, a reduction of almost 30%.

Peace of mind

Cooling jackets can significantly lower coat temperature, protect underlying skin from sunburn, and shield the coats of show dogs from bleaching by the sun.

Cool buddies from around the world!

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